2012 NFL Week Two

Vikings Ramble

Jared “the invisible man” Allen puts pressure on Andrew Luck to no avail.

Even ESPN picked the Vikings to go into Indianapolis last Sunday and spoil Andrew Luck’s inaugural home game. Sure the Colts, and especially Luck, didn’t look great in week one. But they were at home, after all. Seeing as the Vikings were only slightly better in their first week victory over the Jaguars it didn’t surprise me that they beat the Vikings. I even predicted it. And that our secondary would make Luck look better than he is for that matter.

The Vikings offense showed signs of life early and late in the game, the high point their fourth quarter drive that ended in a Kyle Rudolph touchdown. Peterson and Gerhardt looked effective early but eventually couldn’t get anywhere (although the Colts run game was somehow even worse). As usual the Vikings “wide receivers,” minus an under-utilized and seemingly injured Percy Harvin, were non-existent. The main reason it will be difficult for the Vikings offense to be successful this year is that there is no threat of a passing game. Because of this defenses, even ones that aren’t very good, won’t have to worry about it and can then concentrate almost solely on covering our talented tight ends and keeping Adrian Peterson out of the game.

On a positive note Christian Ponder put up good numbers. When he was on he ran the offense, even with its limited weapons, rather efficiently. He is seemingly coming in to his own as a leader. I wasn’t so sure that he’d have it in him but, as I said last week, I can see Ponder becoming another Brad Johnson, if not at least another Gus Frerotte.

Ponder did have his struggles, though, especially on third down. The collective hearts of Vikings fans must sink every third down – on either side of the ball, as our third down defense is maybe worse. Much like their offense the Vikings defense had shades of being okay but were mostly mediocre. Worst by far is our awful, awful defensive backs. If Andrew Luck can do what he did on Sunday to our pass defense what quarterback in the NFL won’t be able to do well against it? This, combined with the previously explained conundrum of our offense, makes me seriously think that the Vikings may not win another game all year. And certainly won’t go 6-10 as I had predicted.

Around the League

–          The New Orleans Saints lost in week two to Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. Maybe if Drew Brees wasn’t so busy being an idiot and texting Roger Goodell he might be able to keep his head in the game better.

Sam Bradford celebrates a touchdown in the Rams victory over the Redskins.

–          Speaking of keeping their head in the game, I’ve never heard announcers say “another bad punt from Kluwe” as many times as they have this year. The easy answer would be to say that his many noisy off the field endeavors are distracting him. I won’t go that far yet but it’ll be hard not to think that if the trend continues.

–          Thankfully the New York Jets also lost on Sunday. The Steelers bounced back nicely, as I predicted, from their lackluster performance in week one. Idiot analysts are still asking how much time teams should spend on preparing for Tim Tebow in the Wildcat. The absolutely easy answer is this: none! Joe Webb is a better player than Tebow is and the weapons he has in the Wildcat, Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin, are as good or better than any options the Jets would have to help Tebow. It is a waste of time. There are many, many other stories worth paying attention to around the NFL.

–          Such as the Redskins surprising loss to the Saint Louis Rams. RGIII looked good but not good enough, which is surprising considering that the Rams defense isn’t as good as the Saints defense that he made look silly. Judging by the fight they put up both the Lions and the Rams may surprise a few people this year.

Erik Ritland is a journalist and musician from St. Paul, Minnesota. His writings on culture, music (including his own projects), sports, religion, and many other topics are cataloged regularly at Ramblin’ On. You can reach him via email here.


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